Out with the old, in with the nude. Get your mind out of the gunmetal grays, the purples and the reds and get reacquainted with the luscious looks of honey, oatmeal, camel, sand, blush, and beige.  I know, it’s a mouthful!

The wonderful thing is that these beautiful colors are dominating the runways and taking over department stores near you. The nude family of colors is impressive and the names chosen for each and every shade is every bit as detailed.

Regardless of how you refer to them or how beautiful you find them to be, nudes have a certain reputation that precedes them.  Here are two common complaints:  “Nudes wash me out,” and “nudes makes me look fat.”  We have all used these excuses at one time or another. So, to make things easy , I am tackling these common concerns one at a time.  Here are my Dos and Don’ts when it comes to nudes.


Wash yourself out by wearing all nude.  Sometimes when you find more than one nude piece of clothing and the mood is right, you get the urge to go neutral all over.  Don’t make this mistake!  Pick one focal point to your look that is NOT neutral.  Wearing all nude may be acceptable on the runways, since the focus there is on the clothes but trust me, it will not have the same effect of the streets.

Also, remember when you opt for these delicate and sensual colors, you become a blank canvas of sorts – adding any one color will make your outfit pop.  View this as your chance to be daring.  Whether you add a little color to your face or whether you pair the nude with one other color accessory.  Wearing a single focal point is key.


Wear neutral colors to accentuate parts of your body that you want to appear bigger and leave it to dark colors to make you look smaller.   I found this dress to use as an example.  It would be perfect for someone with slightly wider hips or someone self conscious about their lower body.  The dark has a slimming affect, while the nude frames the upper body.  I love this dress because it is ultra feminine and extremely flattering.

For women who worry about looking heavy in neutral colors, this may be helpful.  Wear solid colors.  Solid colors make you look sleeker.   Be sexy, wear nude but stay away from patterns.

So, whether you chose to call it honey, oatmeal, camel, blush or sand, it is time that you joined the likes of Chloé and Valentino and supported the nude movement this Fall.  My tip is to  be your own blank canvas and pick one focal point for your entire look.  Be it a great necklace, a sultry shade of lipstick, or your favorite scarf – this accent piece is what is going to let your individual style shine.