This past weekend I ripped the tags off of my brand new lace imprinted nude dress.  It was finally time to introduce it to the world.  When I first spotted this find it was love at first sight.  The colors and the design were so precious that I could only imagine my walls draped in such beauty.  But I didn’t want to be rash, so it wasn’t until a couple of hours of mulling it over, that I decided to go back to the store to finalize my purchase. After all, what could be more fabulous than lace?

The attraction came from the true-to-life floral lace, imprinted beautifully on a shiny peach nylon.  The design was so playful that it almost resembled a piece of lingerie. I was relentless and knew exactly what I had to pair this very special garment with to give it the elegance that I knew it was capable of exuding.  The aim was the Romantic look – the key to which is to avoid being over exposed. Lace adorned clothes can be very sensual and feminine if worn correctly. As luck would have it, lace is also very much in style this Fall .  It is part of the Romantic look that everyone is trying to achieve and with my tips and your clothes, can be done with class.

Things to look for in order to stay up with this trend is to don soft colors and textures. There is absolutely nothing more ethereal and delicate than the softness of lace, the frill of ruffles, and the lust of florals.  And nothing that says femininity more than the contrast of fine netting of tulle against your skin.  But before we get out of hand and raid Madonna’s closet circa 1980, I would like to share a couple of mistakes to avoid to help you make the most of this look.

Avoid Looking Like a Doily:

Crochet has a time and a place but should never be mistaken for lace.  Just give it up and let crochet remain on your grandmother’s coffee table.  To avoid any confusion, the following are images of things NOT to wear.  At least not on any day other than October 31.

Do however, choose a lace garment and let it be the focal point of your outfit. The way black lace imprint worked on the peach dress I showed is a great example. There is something intimate about lace.  It’s delicacy draws the eye in to discover the intricacies of the pattern.  When done correctly lace reveals just enough skin and has the best effect around the scalloping. Please, remember to keep the colors of the lace simple and let the ornate design of the fabric do all the talking.

This brings me to my next point.  What does one wear with lace to fall into the Romantic category and not lingerie?


Pearls are a timeless investment.  You can get a strand that flushes against your neck or ones that hang in stands bellow your chest. Both options are exceptionally beautiful. Since, I already shared my outfit with you, I will tell you that I chose to go with a strand of Chanel Pearls.  My best investment up-to-date.

Reveal Only One Body Part at a Time:

In the spirit of keeping things Romantic, allow yourself to leave some things to the imagination. Word on the streets is that the street walker look is out. So, show off some cleavage, but abstain from showing the entire length of your legs. If you plan to show off your hard work on the treadmill you owe it to yourself to cover up some skin around the neck. But never expose both. Trust me. Here are some sexy ways to go Romantic this fall.

Romantic Makeup and Hair:

Something to consider is matching your hair and makeup to your newly found Romantic wardrobe.  For hair, I say let your loose locks take center stage.  The look of soft curls and natural makeup will give you a cherubic glow that will compliment your put-together, fabulous look!

Happy Shopping Ladies,