The weather was impeccable this weekend and coincidentally, I was invited to a party in the country. The festivities were on a farm and the timing couldn’t have been better since I was planning on discussing the “equestrian” look in this week’s blog. Lucky for me, I got to see the inspiration for this trend first hand, so here’s the scoop.

If you’ve thought about donning some equestrian clothes, I found some great items to sink your teeth into. But I must warn you.  As tempting as it may be, investing in too many equestrian inspired clothes could be a bit of an overkill. So, hold your horses, to make things simple, I have chosen three selections that would love to make their way into your closet.

First and f(F)oremost, “The Riding Boot”

Because the equestrian look is so popular, Ralph Lauren is no longer the only place to get it. I found these great riding boots made by Gucci. The best part about these boots is that the leggings are detachable, transforming the boot into a bootie. Leave it to Gucci to provide added value in a marketplace where their name is already synonymous with luxury.

For those of you who adore Tory Burch and own at least one pair of her fabulous flats, you will not be disappointed with her version of the riding boot.   Aside from how affordable they are, these boots leave a lasting impression. So take advantage of it, saddle up and try all of the different looks that these boots have to offer. All you need is a pair of opaque tights or a pair of dark denim jeans to give you a solid foundation.

Riding Pants

It’s so refreshing to see new looks spin off from existing fashions. My favorite is the new take on the riding pants. Pairing these classy and flattering trousers with a pair of heels adds that irresistible edge that you simply have to try.

Hacking Jacket

The equestrian trend governing women’s wear this season can also be applied to jackets. I suggest that you rethink the hacking jacket. This well crafted, preppy must-have, like the rest of my recommendations, can be styled in a modern way. Also, because the hacking jacket can now be found at such stores as Zara and J Crew, taking the leap and trying something new is more affordable than ever. I say, choose wisely and marry your jacket with a great pair of jeans or pants.

If you already own any of these great items, you’re ahead of the game. Just for fun, try pairing equestrian inspired items with something currently hanging in your closet.

Don’t forget, if you suddenly transform into someone who should be riding Sea Biscuit, you probably went too far.

The one piece of advice that I will leave you with is keep a balance and a harmony in any outfit you put together. With the equestrian look, you have to wear each item as an individual fashion statement.

So, mount-up and enjoy mixing and matching this season.

– Biana