When I decided to purchase my first pair of rain boots three years ago, there were two viable options, Hunter and Burberry. By default I associated Burberry with Great Britain, so they became my natural choice. After all, who knows more about rain attire than the nation that invented the saying, “it’s raining cats and dogs?”  

Let me preempt this by saying that these boots were not an instant hit. In fact, people found them a bit odd. I guess I can’t blame them. Rain boots were not as commercialized as they are today. When it rained, people wore galoshes or resorted to a limited number of brands that actually designed rain boots. 

 This phenomenon reminded me of the immersion of the UGGS. Coincidentally, rain boots started gaining popularity around the same time that people finally learned to live with the “unattractiveness” of their UGG boots and began to enjoy the unparalleled warmth and comfort they provided. When UGGS first came out, people did take to them immediately and I saw the same thing happening with the rain boots. But, I loved looking different in my rain boots – turning heads everywhere I went. In fact, my second pair was on their way. 

The new boots were dazzling – adorned with fancy gold buckles and beautifully studded details. They became my go-to accessory. No occasion was off limits for my new wardrobe staple. On rainy nights, while others’ toes sunk into the muddied sidewalks of Philadelphia, my rain boots accompanied me to the most upscale of places. The saying beauty requires sacrifice simply did not apply to me, at least not in a fashion sense. Comfort trumped conformity and little did I know this trend was quickly catching on. 

Today, you are in major luck because rain boots have hit their tipping point and can be found absolutely everywhere. Fashion has finally caught up with a woman’s everyday needs. You no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort or break the bank.

Bellow, I have put together some of my Fall favorites for this trend. I have to admit, some are a bit outlandish. But the great thing is, that you can now own a rain boot for every occasion. One tip I will offer is buying rain boots one size smaller.  Oftentimes, rain boots come in whole sizes, so buy a size down. Of course, all designers are different so do try them on.  But if you are shopping online the rule-of-thumb is that they run big. 

The Rain Bootie – (Vivienne Westwood Bootie with Studs $140) 


<- The Rain Boot Wedge – left (Clarks Rain boot Shower $75), right (Hunter Wedge Rain Boot  $175)-> 

The High-Heeled Rain Boot (DKNY Bop Rubberized Boots $135) 



The Lace Imprinted Rain Boot <- left (Valentino $295), right (Chooka Signature “Lacy Lace” Rain Boot $59.95) 

Cowboy Rain Boot (Roper Western Rubber Rain Boots $34.99) 

Exotic Print Rain Boot – Jimmy Choo + Hunter $395 

I can honestly go on and on about rain boots, but I wouldn’t want to take the fun out of letting you find your perfect pair. 

Happy Shopping Ladies,