For anyone out there not familiar with a snood just imagine a scarf and hood getting together and having offspring. My gut tells me that once you have seen how fashionable and sexy it is, it will surely become your winter must-have. Funny thing happens to women when temperatures drop – we start layering our clothes, dust off our UGGS, and our sense of style suddenly gets buried under 20 inches of snow.  But who said we cannot remain fabulous during the winter months?

If you are like me, you probably own a number of scarves, hats, gloves, and earmuffs – anything to get you through the blistering cold. For the city folk, staying warm seems to be the name of the game, since we do not have the luxury of driving everywhere. We do what we can to get by.
In the past, to endure the frigid months and in the spirit of not giving up my fashion fixes, I invested in a number of Burberry scarves.  Their ever so recognizable signature print was hard to resist, especially since the designers knew exactly what to tweak to make them enticing season after season.  Owning just one was never an option.

As luck would have it, there is a new kid on the block.  Well, maybe not new at all, more like reinvented – the coveted snood. In the past few years we have seen the infinity scarf dominating storefronts and for those of us who actually invested in one, all is not lost since it is still quite fashionable. But a snood is something a bit different and for those of us itching to buy something new this season, it is the perfect investment. If the novelty of it is not appealing enough, think of a snood as providing the coziness of a regular scarf without the messy ends that you don’t have to figure out what to do with. It is so prominent this season that Burberry dedicated an entire section to snoods on their website.

Burberry Giant Check Cashmere Snood $325

A snood is neither a scarf, or a hood but a little bit of both. There is no easier way to look fashion forward than beating the chill with this trendy accessory. Tuck it into a leather jacket or a sleek trench to create an instant chic look.  Snoods are as diverse as the people who wear them so discover the many fabrics that they come in.  Look for the thick knitted wool ones, the chunky and soft mohair ones, or try on the military inspired shearling snood. Faux fur and cashmere snoods are also everywhere.

Faux Fur Snoods

Because this trend is so popular, you do not have to search for long before one catches your eye. Of course the prices vary too, depending on the designer and material it is made out of. You can decide which snood was made for you, but whichever one you choose, get one that compliments your personal style.

 Bird by Juicy Couture Mohair Snood $178

Grand Froid Wool Snood by Louis Vuitton Comes in 2 Colors $450

I hope this gives you enough options to last you through the cold season.  Enjoy!
Happy Shopping Ladies,