Basking in the warmth of my apartment this evening, the thought of the impending frigid months creeps into my mind accompanied by overwhelming dread.  What is a girl to do to prevent the winter blues?

Then the idea of bundling up in the newest fashions this season suddenly gives me comfort. The question is, which trends provide both warmth and style?  One trend in particular stands out – faux fur. For all the animal lovers out there, myself included, you can try this trend guilt-free. But this major fashion forecast comes with a warning. Not all modern-day faux fur is created equal. There are many fantastic faux fur options out there, as well as a myriad of cheaply made bad ones. The key to making a solid selection is to find one that looks and feels real, doesn’t make you look frumpy.  And when you commit to a piece – accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Faux or Real?

Just this past weekend I was having a discussion with a friend regarding her fur bolero.  She insisted that it was faux and I argued that it simply couldn’t be. By looking at it, the texture was not at all synthetic, it was shiny and the tips of the faux hair were so fine that in the light, they resembled a very expensive fur coat. This is not a bad problem to have.  In fact, if you’ve purchased a faux fur and people have to confirm that it isn’t real, you have hit the proverbial fashion jackpot.

My favorite fur item this season is the faux fur vest. Take a look at this dazzling number by Alice + Olivia. No one would ever know that it wasn’t real, unless you told them. Another benefit of choosing a faux fur vest as beautifully made as this one, is that you will be able to avoid looking like roadkill.
No One Wants to Look Frumpy

Frumpy is not sexy or flattering. Please, whatever you do, do not accidentally transform into Attila the Hun. Even fur garments are made for the discerning shopper and are tailored to various body types. There are short fur vests, long ones; ones you wear open and ones you clasp. Some fasten close to the neck and others are low cut.

If you are blessed with a larger chest, wear your vest open and find one that has an open neckline. The length is important because a longer vest can give a slimming illusion, while a shorter one can make you look bulky and top heavy. Take a look at some options out there:

Naturally, if we are talking about a trend, many people will be jumping on the bandwagon. How do you then, amidst all of the fur wearing women out there, distinguish yourself? You guessed it, by accessorizing. I have three simple things that I absolutely can’t wait to try with my fur vest. #1: Wear a belt with your vest. Show the world that you have a waist and that you are not afraid to show it. Do not let your body drown in the heaviness of the garment. #2: Wear a brooch. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, but a brooch is a sure way to dress up a fur and give your outfit originality. #3: If you wear a vest with a plunging neckline, wear a chunky long necklace, perhaps a locket.

So, experiment and try one of these faux fur vests on for size and embrace the cold temperatures in style.

Happy Shopping,