While many of you know that I’m the Fitness Expert for a company called GlobalFit, you may not realize that my husband Frank is the CEO.

In today’s USA Today, you’ll see a full page letter from Frank urging people to take this simple “Just Walk” Pledge.  Please read his important message:

Just Walk!

Dear America,

Our country has the highest obesity rate in the world.

As the head of the nation’s largest network of fitness centers and gyms, that ranking makes me cringe. A sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are primarily to blame. If we’re serious about changing our ways and being healthier, we need to set realistic fitness goals.

So this year, I’m asking America to take a small but important step in fighting this issue. Just walk.

Walking Is Easy

Walking is widely known within the fitness community as having the lowest dropout rate of any form of exercise. Why? It’s convenient, costs nothing and can be done almost anywhere. And studies show that the simple act of walking can reduce your resting heart rate, lower blood pressure and help you lose weight.

Community is Key for Success

Walking with a friend, loved one or co-worker will help you sustain the routine. In fact, GlobalFit had a leading health insurance provider conduct a double-blind study to prove it! So when I say we’re all in this together, it’s true. Community and the support of a group are critical to your success.

Take the Just Walk Pledge™

As 2011 begins, make a New Year’s resolution you can actually keep. One that will produce healthy habits for a lifetime and set you down the path to a sustainable fitness routine. I’m inviting America to take the Just Walk Pledge™. It’s easy. Just go to www.justwalkpledge.com and sign up to participate.

Remember, it takes time to develop a healthy routine. So once you take the Pledge, we’ll send you weekly tips on ways to easily incorporate more walking in your day.

But even if you don’t enroll online – Just Walk.

Frank Napolitano

President and Chief Executive Officer

So please take a moment to sign up for the Just Walk Pledge and watch a short video from Frank.. Encourage your children, loved ones and co-workers to do something good for themselves and for the health of our country.

So please, Just Walk!

Molly and Frank