Nearly everyone struggles with confidence from time to time.  We all know women—and even girls as young as 8 years old—who suffer from poor self-esteem.  Men are not immune to feelings of self-doubt either but it often presents differently; men may come across over-confident when their self-esteem is low.

The great news is that YOU can change the way you see yourself–starting today.  We all know that exercise makes your body look better but it also helps increase your confidence–which boosts both your inner and outer beauty.

  1. You’ll have better posture. Posture is one of those measures of first impressions.  When you meet someone, if he or she is slouched over, you may wonder what is wrong.  Regular exercise improves your posture which helps you look more confident.   So stand up straight!
  2. You’ll be Stronger. A strong body gives you the confidence that you can handle just about anything that comes your way.  Get as strong as you can and feel good about yourself.
  3. You’ll have more endurance. Have you ever turned down an activity because you didn’t know if you had the stamina to finish?   Being fit allows you to go on beautiful long hikes or bike rides without having to worry about whether or not you can keep up with your children and friends.
  4. 4. You’ll be more flexible. There are a number of great exercise disciplines—such as dance, yoga and Pilates—that will improve your flexibility.   Staying limber is a great way to maintain confidence as we get older.  Maintaining flexibility will help keep you on the dance floor for years to come.
  5. 5. You’ll be leaner. Exercise helps you get firm, lean body.  Knowing how to manage your body weight is a super confidence booster.
  6. You’ll be smarter! Exercise helps your brain receive more nutrients and oxygen which helps your think faster.  If you’re having trouble understanding this sentence, please stand up and go for a brisk 5 minute walk!
  7. You’ll be happier. That’s right.  If you’re in a bad mood, a quick workout will help you blow off steam after a rough day.  Regular exercise has even been proven to help fight depression—so get moving.
  8. You’ll have more energy. When you’re feeling exhausted, all you want to do is lie on your couch and watch a movie.  When you have more energy, you’ll be more likely to get outside and be active.
  9. Because you’re happier and have more energy, experts say this may lead to a better sex life. Besides that, exercise increases blood flow which, well you know!

10.  Due to increased circulation (as mentioned above) your skin will look better.  When you sweat during exercise, it helps remove toxins from your body and the increase in oxygen helps boost collagen production.  And we all know how great rosy cheeks look after an intense activity.

11. You’ll sleep better. Sleep deprivation is devastating.   When you’re exhausted, it’s hard to stay positive and maintain a healthy self-esteem.  Regular exercise has been shown to improve quality of sleep which has a positive impact on your mood and your overall health.  Just don’t exercise 3 hours before bedtime as it may keep you up.

12. You’ll try new activities. When you’re feeling fit, you’ll want to try all sorts of new activities.  Whether you’re thinking about giving golf or rock climbing a try, exercise will help improve your performance and enhance the enjoyment of the sport.

13. You’ll have better balance. Balance is something we take for granted until we experience a problem with it.  I used to teach a “balance” class to 80 and 90 year olds at a retirement home.  The exercises really improved their balance and stability and also helped diminish their fear of falling. 

14.  You’ll get fewer colds and other viruses.  Exercise has been shown to improve the function of your immune system.  It’s hard to keep your self-esteem up while you’re sick!

15.  You’ll be healthier. Your bones, your heart, your muscles, your brain.  Your entire body will thank you for exercising.  So get moving today.  Improve your confidence, improve your health and improve the way you feel.

Smile and be confident,


“Originally published in GO, GlobalFit’s online healthy living newsletter.”