Chef Brian Duffy is amazing.  Not only is he a great chef, he has this incredible energy that’s contagious.  You can’t be around him, or even talk to him on the phone, without feeling his happiness, joy and pure love of life.

Brian is a whirling dervish.  Besides his day job as Corporate Executive for Seafood America, Brian is a natural for television.  When the camera is rolling, even more of his effusive energy spills out.  He just LOVES teaching and entertaining.   He’s been a favorite on The Today Show, and has shared his tips for making great food on The Food Network, DIY Network, HGTV and Fine Living Network.  He’s a weekly regular on NBC’s 10 Show and he’s the culinary spokesperson for the GE Profile Series and The Residence Inn by Marriot.  How does he do it all?

Brian laughs and admits he has waaaaaaaayyyy too many irons in the fire but he loves every minute of it.  As his friend, I simply can’t imagine him being any other way.

While presenting at our Just You, Only Better Workshop for Women in February, Brian gave us his secret recipe for the PERFECT chicken breast.  You’ll never cook a chicken breast any other way after you’ve made this recipe:

Perfect Chicken Breasts

2 (6 ounce) Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts  

1 T Olive Oil

Pinch Kosher Salt

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

1.       Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2.       Preheat Pan to medium high heat

3.       Season both sides of chicken breast

4.       Add oil to pan & spread evenly throughout the pan

5.       Add chicken breast into pan & DO NOT MOVE it for 1.5 – 2 minutes

6.       Flip over & let sit for one minute

7.       Transfer to preheated oven for 4 – 6 minutes

8.       Remove & let sit for 2 minutes

9.       Slice & enjoy!!!

With his new gig at Seafood America, you’ll soon be able to bring some of Brian’s delicious food home with you!  He’s been doing the Research & Development for some new products which are supposed to be both nutritious and delicious!  Look for “Dockside Classics” and Brian’s new line of “Tapas Tonight” to arrive in your store in the next 6-8 weeks.

Let us know how your chicken turns out.  Enjoy!

Thanks Brian,