While most 21 year old girls are busy with school, guys and parties, Sophie van der Stap was forced to think about the unthinkable:   her diagnosis of a rare and aggressive form of cancer.  In one day, Sophie transitioned from being a typical university student to a young woman faced with months of chemo and extended stays in the hospital.

Shortly after her chemo began, Sophie lost all of her hair.  She could have chosen to feel sorry for herself or lose her will to fight.  She chose neither.  She decided to create a “refuge” from the cancer—a place that made her feel good.  Sophie chose 9 different wigs that allowed her to forget about her cancer for a while.  These “cancer holidays” made her feel like a woman again.  They made her stronger, mentally and physically.

Her message is about finding ways to forget something bad—if only for a while.  It’s NOT about running away from the things we don’t like in our lives.   It’s about finding ways to turn something bad into something good.  It’s about discovering what makes you feel happy and strong. It’s about empowering yourself during difficult times instead of losing hope.

Please take a moment to watch Sophie’s moving story.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Empower Yourself,