Women.  We are crazy creatures.  Some days we feel beautiful and confident while other days we feel ugly and inadequate.  We tend to really beat ourselves up on those bad days.

When you’re having an off day, even the little things get to you.  We all know we shouldn’t “sweat the small stuff” but sometimes that’s easier said than done.  The following 7 strategies will help you have fewer bad days (meaning MORE great days):

  1. Focus on the things you LIKE in the mirror.  Let me tell you a little secret:  not one of us is getting any younger.  The aging process results in sagging skin, brown spots, wrinkles and more.  So quit examining every little thing on your body that you don’t like, and focus on something you do.  If you love your smile, then look in the mirror and give yourself a big grin.  It’s really good medicine.
  2. Realize that mistakes are a normal part of life.  We all make really stupid mistakes.  When it happens to you, learn from it and get over it.  And if you owe someone an apology, be sincere.  There’s nothing worse than a phony apology.
  3. Do something nice for someone else.  Send a card.  Pick up the phone.  Hold the door for a stranger.  It may seem like a small gesture to you, but I promise it will mean a lot to the other person.
  4. Treat yourself the same way you treat your best friends.  The wonderful thing about best friends is that you love them unconditionally.  You don’t focus on their flaws; you cherish their friendship, covet their loyalty and appreciate the “package” that is unique to them.
  5. Sleep an extra half hour.  An extra 30 minutes of sleep each night results in an extra 3 ½ hours each week.  Over the span of a month, you’ve gotten 2 full nights of extra sleep!  Everything seems better when you’re well-rested.
  6. Allow yourself a day with nothing scheduled.  Turn off your phone, turn on some music and just be.  Do all those things you would do if you were on vacation—relax, read a book or simply do nothing.  It will be the nicest day you’ve had in a while.
  7. Be you.  There’s only one of you, so be true to yourself.  If you have friends who think you should act or dress differently, they’re not really your friends.  There’s nothing more beautiful than just being yourself.

So the next time you’re having a bad day, reread this article.  And if you have some strategies that help you get through a rough patch, please share them with us!

Isn’t it time to start being gentler and kinder to yourself?