Stress is a normal part of everyday life.  Small amounts of stress—such as meeting a project deadline—help shift your body into high gear to help you get it done on time. But when you can’t find ways to effectively deal with your stress, it may negatively impact your health.

Stress-Induced Feelings

Stress comes in many forms and you’ve probably experienced a variety of feelings at some point in your life.  Whether you’re overwhelmed at the amount of work you need to get done or feeling stir crazy from working at home all day, you can make a positive shift in the way you’re feeling by choosing to exercise.

And while stress comes in many forms, luckily, so does exercise!   Different kinds of exercise can decrease feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness and exhaustion due to stress.  Plus, you always feel more confident after exercising, even if you only walk 10 minutes around the park with your dog.

The Prescription

Stress awareness is key to understanding how you can best deal with it.  Take a moment to figure out how stress is making you feel.  The next time you’re feeling stressed or pressured, take a look at this Cheat Sheet and choose your exercise accordingly:


If you’re feeling… Try this… Because…
  • Overly aggressive
Boxing or Kickboxing Kicking (or hitting) that punching bag will feel so good!
  • Stir crazy
Get outside Whether you choose to ride a bike, roller blade or play a sport, just get out and breathe some fresh air!
  • Out of control
Yoga The deep breathing and standing poses will reinforce the power within you.
  • Hopeless
Cycle Class Half-way through the class, you will realize that you can do just about anything.
  • Unmotivated/Listless
Zumba Dance Party Dancing, laughing and moving your hips will motivate you to do just about anything!
  • Overworked
Walk Walking outside will recharge your battery (even if it’s raining).  Skip the treadmill—it just feels like more work.


Finding productive ways to deal with stress can make a huge difference in your overall health and well-being.  When stress is inevitable, carefully observe how you’re feeling and use that information to make the right exercise choices.


Get Moving.  Be Healthy.



Originally Published in  GlobalFit‘s GO! Newsletter