meerkatsWe are all creatures of habit.  Over the years, we develop good habits and bad habits. We learn these habits from family, friends and co-workers. Surprisingly, good habits are just as easy to develop as bad ones and they make you feel a whole lot better!  Once you do something long enough, usually 3 weeks, it becomes a habit. Now is the time to implement these healthy habits into your life.

Burn Calories without Thinking

Put away your remote controls!  Get up and change the channels the old fashioned way.

Pick an active hobby that you love.  Whether you love to garden or walk dogs at the local shelter, you end up burning more calories without even knowing it.

When running your normal errands, always park as far as you can from your destination.  Find the furthest cart return and park near that—you’ll reap the benefits of additional walking and you’ll be polite to your fellow shoppers at the same time.

Always opt for stairs over escalators or elevators when given the choice.

If you love watching television at night, get up during every commercial and do something productive.  Play with your dog, fold laundry or go crazy and do some crunches!  They all work—just do something.

Invest in really comfortable shoes.  Many women choose fashion over comfort which means they simply cannot walk two blocks in their shoes! uncomfortable shoes Pick out shoes that make you want to walk in them—you can look good and feel good at the same time.

Rev Up Your Metabolism

Lift weights. Adding muscle to your body protects your joints, increases bone density, and yes, it burns more calories.  Muscles are very active and consume a lot of calories.  Adding muscle will cause your Resting Metabolic Rate (the rate at which your body burns calories at rest) to elevate permanently—not just during the exercise.

Increase your exercise intensity.  Instead of going for your usual walk around the neighborhood, run or jog small stretches of it.  Keep this up and it will get easier.  Your metabolism will burn up to five times longer after a vigorous aerobic workout than after an easy one.

Perform short bouts of exercise throughout the day.

dog reading a bookKeep track of your daily activity by monitoring your steps—you may not be walking as often or as far as you think.

Always start your day by eating breakfast.  This jump-starts your metabolism in the morning.  If you skip breakfast, your Resting Metabolic Rate may drop up to 5%–which over a year could mean a weight gain of 10 pounds from simply from NOT eating!


Start implementing these habits now—you’ll be healthier and burning more calories in no time.  Good habits lead to good health, feeling better and more confidence.
Be Just You, Only Better,