Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year.  The crisp and cool temperatures cause us to bring out boots, scarves and all those layered looks we love.

Since we all want to look fabulous this fall, I’ve asked my friend, Biana Tsepenyuk, who has the most amazing sense of style, to share some of her secrets with us:

“For those of you who have never given fashion much thought, it’s an interesting phenomenon. There is nothing more fleeting than a trend and no industry thrives more on change than fashion.  With change happening so fast, how do you know what to wear?  More importantly, how do you try things that are out of your comfort zone?  If you have a pulse on the fads and a grasp of the basics, that’s a good start.

For some people, clothes are just garments they wear to cover up their bodies.  If this defines you, it’s my hope that in each blog I write you’ll glean one “takeaway” bit of advice—something new that you’ll be willing to try to see if you like it.  But first, let’s start with the basics..

Consider the color black. It is fair to say that black will never go out of style.  Why do we love wearing black?  Short of joining a weight loss program, nothing has a more slimming effect than the color black.  You probably still have your favorite black dress from 20 years ago.  Chances are that dress can look perfectly “in style” with the help of the right accessories.

When it comes to fashion, what is acceptable?   The good news is this:  any piece of clothing that you have ever owned can somehow complete an outfit in 2010!  The key is to express yourself through the clothes you wear and always wear them with confidence.

The following 5 items are things you absolutely MUST HAVE in your closet this fall.  If you already own them, great!   Just remember, dress for yourself, know your body, and have fun with these pieces.

1. The Perfect Boot

This season, boots will not only keep you warm but also make you look very hip. Choosing the right boot will not be as tricky as you think because many different styles are in. Trying to find the one that fits your taste is the key.  Your “perfect” boot is versatile and can be worn with things that you already own. A great boot is one that you can wear over your jeans, with a dress, and with a skirt.

Here are three different kinds of boots that you cannot go wrong with this Fall:

  • Over-The-Knee Boot – Many thought that this style would fade out after 2009, but boy were they wrong.
The Ankle Bootie – Nothing is more feminine than a bootie with character. Here
are some options to feast your eyes on.
The Flat Boot – Not enough can be said about flat boots. They go as perfectly with a dress or a skirt as do with jeans and a t-shirt. 2010 brings with it, the military style, so if you want to kill two birds with one stone, invest in a pair of military boots with great hardware and a small heel to give you that you extra height that make your legs looks slimmer.
2. Military Jacket
Our troops will not be the only ones dressed in military clothes this season.
You will be, too. Take a look at some designs that would make General Lee jealous.

3.  The Scarf. There is something about a scarf that makes us look and feel fabulous. Maybe because it somehow completes our outfit or maybe because it brings attention to our face.  Any way you look at it, scarves are all the rage this season. And just like the boots, scarves this fall are as versatile as they are functional.

4. Cross Body Bag
I must admit. I could never understand why my handbags came with long detachable straps. I used to remove them and use them as a belt. After all, they matched perfectly to the actual handbag. Well, now I wish that I had kept them, because the cross body bags are in and they are here to stay. Now that women have realized that they can use both hands while carrying a bag, this trend may just stick around for a while. So I say, join the 80’s revival and if you buy one thing this season, make it a cross body bag.

5. Jeggins!

For those of you who have not heard of Jeggins, you are missing out. Jeggins are leggings that were styled to look like denim. So, while we all have those days where we cannot fathom getting into our skinny jeans, Jeggings are just the answer. They are stretchy, form fitting and come in an array of colors. They are oh so very similar to opaque tights, which slim and elongate our legs. The best part about Jeggins is that you can dress them up by wearing heels or dress them down by opting for a t-shirt and a pair of boots.

Remember, please don’t be afraid to mix old things with new additions. There are women scavenging consignment shops looking for just what you already have in your own closet.”

Thanks Biana!  That was great advice and I can hardly wait for the weather to get even cooler.  I have great news for all you fashion lovers:  Just You, Only Better will be launching “Fashion Fridays by Biana” in the very near future.  Biana will keep you up to date and give you great tips to help you look your very best.

And please check out our upcoming  “Make Me Over Workshop” which will be held at The Pyramid Club (in Philadelphia) on Thursday, November 18th.

Hope to see you then!

Dress Warm & With Style,

Molly & Biana