Every day there are hundreds of new articles posted on the internet expounding the “latest and greatest” ways to lose weight and get fit.  Between all the exercise gadgets promising to give you six pack abs, the vast array of dietary supplements and the confusing offerings of low carb and other diets, it’s no wonder we’re confused.  So when did diet and exercise become so complicated?

In the sixties, my grandmother had a weight loss contraption in her basement that we played with as kids.  It was a vibrating belt that that would “exercise” the muscles around your waist.  It didn’t work for her, but we sure had fun with it and she hung her laundry on it to dry.  Even though there were some gimmicks back then, the incidence of obesity was far less than it is today.  A combination of smaller portions of healthier/non-processed food and more active lifestyles helped keep people’s weight at healthier levels.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes the best kept secrets are the easiest ones to do.  By making the following easy-to-implements changes to your daily life, you’ll burn fat and lose weight without even trying!

  1. Move more.  You need to become aware of how much physical activity you’re getting (or not getting) every single day.  Why?  Because the number of hours we spend sitting every day is scary!  If you add up the total hours you spend behind the wheel, at your desk, eating meals and watching tv, it will most likely shock you.

If you can’t give up your favorite tv show, researcher at The University of Tennessee have good news for you.  If you simply walk in place during commercials, you can burn around 148 calories in 25 minutes!  How hard is that?

  1. Enjoy the great outdoors.  There is nothing more invigorating than going for a hike or bike ride outside.  Sure, a spin class is a great workout, but it’s a lot more fun outside.  Learn to embrace all different kinds of weather.  Go for a nice walk in the rain or go sledding in the snow.  Just get outside and enjoy!
  2. Eat real food—but not too much.Dr. Will Clower teaches thousands of people every year how to do just this…and it works.  His Mediterranean Wellness program  is a common-sense approach to weight management.   It’s simple and straightforward: just eat real food (no processed or hormone-laden foods or drinks) and don’t eat too much.  Follow this approach and you’ll never buy a diet book again.
  3. Unplug.  While technology is a wonderful thing, it has really taken a toll on us.  Whether you’re on a computer 50 hours a week for work or just love to surf the net, it’s just not a healthy way to live.  If you can’t get away from your computer at work, schedule a 5 minute walk and quick stretch every hour.  And when you head home at the end of the day, turn your computer off and enjoy some quiet time or conversation with your friends or family.
  4. Lose your car keys.  When I lived in the suburbs, I would get in the car to go to my favorite fresh fish and vegetable market.  It was only a half mile away, but I did this purely out of habit.  Now that I live in the city, I walk almost everywhere.  Create healthy habits and stick with them.

Incorporating small changes into your life is easy to do.  Little things like walking in place during a commercial, spending more time outside and turning off your computer after work will make a difference in your overall health.  Try these suggestions for a month and see how you feel.  You won’t be disappointed.
Get Moving.  Be Healthy,



Originally Published in  GlobalFit‘s GO! Newsletter