I don’t know about you, but I start to feel lazy around this time of the year.  When it’s cold outside—and warm inside—it’s easy to put on your comfy clothes and hang out by the fire.  And, unless it’s snowing, Jessie’s walks are a little shorter than usual.  Combine a decrease in physical activity with the heartiness of “winter meals” and you could end up a few pounds heavier when spring comes around.

Don’t panic when bathing suit season comes around this year, start right now by dropping a couple of pounds over the next week.  Simply follow three simple rules and watch the weight drop off.  It’s not a diet; you just eat real food and cut back a little  And, if we all do it together, it will be even easier!

The Rules

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast with little to no sugar added.  Ditch your favorite breakfast cereal for steel cut oats with walnuts or cook up some scrambled eggs.  By eating this way, you won’t be starving by 10:00 and wanting to eat an entire pizza by noon.
  2. Eat soup for lunch every day.  Make a big pot of The Daily Soup and enjoy a bowl for lunch.  If you get bored with that, make sure you choose a HOMEMADE soup that has tons of veggies, a healthy source of protein and a clear broth.  If you don’t want to make the soup, find a store that makes it fresh.   Stay away from soups that are creamy or overly cheesy.  If you’re in the mood for chili, choose a vegetarian bean-based chili and put a dollop of Greek Yogurt on top (instead of sour cream).
  3. Eat slowly and cut back your normal dinner portion by 25%.  This may sound hard at first but it’s so easy to do.  If you’re at home, serve less food on your plate.  You can use a smaller plate (to make it look like more food) or you can simply spread the food out across the plate.  Unless you already eat like a bird, cutting out a small portion of your dinner will not be hard.  And REMEMBER TO SLOW DOWN!  Enjoy your food and give your brain the time it needs to let you know that you’re full.

Follow these three easy steps and get back to me in a week.  Who’s with me??????


Losing it Together!