Body FlowFusion Cuisine is the rage in restaurants all over the country.  You can find Hawaiian-Asian, Thai-French, Peruvian-Cantonese and Japanese fusion dishes.  A great chef can take two cuisines and turn them into something amazing.

So what’s this have to do with fitness?  Well, the fitness world is finally catching on to the fusion craze and creating fun and innovative ways to exercise.  Check out the descriptions and pick one (or more) classes that you’d like to try.

Fusion Fitness

Yogalates:  If you can’t decide whether to try Yoga or Pilates then Yogalates is perfect for you.  Yoga—which focuses on strength, flexibility and spirituality—is an eastern Indian tradition.  Pilates—developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century—focuses on strengthening the body’s core musculature.  The combination of the two disciplines is time-efficient since you work every major muscle group in the body in one session.  Look for Yogalates at your local health club or Yoga/Pilates Studios.  If they don’t offer the class, there are a variety of DVDs and books available.

NIA:  NIA (pronounced NEE-ah) is one of the latest trends in mind-body fitness fusion.  If you want to turn your workouts from boring to joyful, NIA may be for you.  NIA (which stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action) is a unique blending of Tai Chi, Yoga, modern dance and martial arts.  You get focus and flexibility from the Tai Chi and Yoga, coordination and spontaneity from the dancing, and explosiveness from the martial arts.   NIA is a great for people of all ages since it is low impact and the movements improve both strength and flexibility.

BODYFLOW by Les Mills:  BODYFLOW is the perfect combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.  It will help you build strength, improve flexibility and leave you feeling totally chilled out by the end of the class.  This class can be quite challenging, but like any other class, it gets easier if you keep going.  I personally love this class and take it every Friday at the 24 Hour Fitness in San Ramon.

Try Something New

Once you finish reading this, pick out a fusion class and go do it!  Not next week, try it either today or tomorrow.  And, after you finish your fusion class, go treat yourself to your favorite fusion cuisine.  Peruvian-Cantonese anyone?


Stay well and Smile.