When you think of an investment, you probably don’t think of your clothes. Most people buy clothes on an impulse but in my case, I buy clothes that talk to me.  “Buy me,” they say,  “you know you want to.”  My rule of thumb has always been to delay my purchase and sleep on it.  If I can’t stop thinking about my newfound object of affection by morning then I go ahead and buy it.

I call this  ‘shopping schizophrenia’ – having shoes, bags, and clothes literally beg you to buy them. Perhaps, some of them should have talking abilities; it’s the least they can do for their steep price tag.  But all jokes aside, I know plenty of women who buy things just for the sake of buying them.  I attribute this to ‘shopper’s high,’ a condition that has often been equated to the euphoria one gets from drugs.

But with clothes having such short lifespans, how do you avoid buying something that will ultimately meet it’s doom in the confines of your closet? My advice is to stop trying to keep up with all of the the trends and start investing in wardrobe staples.  Do any of the pieces in your closet stand out as timeless?  Have those pieces defied the odds and rather than making a cameo appearance once or twice a year, they have had reoccurring roles in different outfits? Those are the clothes that I am referring to when I say clothes can be an investment.

Let’s discuss a major piece that should be in every woman’s closet-the blazer. Owning one is essential this fall. How to make your blazer a true investment as opposed to another shmata in your closet is the tricky part.   So, I came up with a formula.  Find a blazer that meets the following criteria and there will be no limit to the number of outfits you can create.

Fits Like a Glove

Regardless of your body type, you can find a style that makes you look your best.  For example, to create curves or accentuate the curves you were blessed with,  find a blazer that hugs your waistline.  Button placement is also important.  For bustier gals, I recommend blazers that button up higher. This will ensure that the girls stay in place and show off your blazin’ hot cleavage inside:

For a more casual look or as a means to cover up imperfections, play around with a less fitted, unstructured cut.  This fabulous Tibi number is a great example of a more relaxed look you can achieve with a blazer:

That is One Well Crafted Blazer

When you find one that you like, the proof is in the details; look at the craftsmanship of the piece, the way the fabric is sewn together, the details, and the buttons.  High quality material, even stitching, and a precise lining make all the difference.  There is nothing worse than a blazer with an uneven lining that pulls.

As far as brands go, many people are loyal to certain ones because of the consistency in quality and fit they provide.  I tend to gravitate towards brands like Theory, Alice + Olivia,  and James & Elizabeth.  These brands are moderately priced. But trust me when I tell you, there are amazing blazers at both ends of the price spectrum:

Blazer Versatility

The most brilliant thing about finding the right blazer is how many different ways  you can wear it.  Pair your blazer with jeans, a dress, shorts, leggings, a skirt, or simply belt it. Sprucing up an outfit with different jewelry will also allow you to create a new look every time. People won’t even know that you are wearing the same blazer.  This strategy works (not only for blazers) as I am often told that I never wear the same outfit twice.  Boy, are they wrong!  This techiquie works every time and I encourage you try it.

One blazer, so little time.  Check out these looks….

Happy Shopping Ladies,