Even if you’re not a morning person, a brief exercise session before work can make an astounding impact on how you look, act and feel. While jumping on an elliptical first thing in the morning may not sound like fun to you, with benefits like these, you’ll find it well worth the effort:

1. You’ll get more done. Research shows that, after a workout, you’re more productive, have sharper decision-making skills, and feel in a better mood.

2. You’ll stick with it. Evening exercise has more obstacles: you work late, you’re too tired, you hit traffic, etc. Get it out of the way first thing, and you’ll have no excuses!

3. It’s better than an espresso. Exercise will wake you up, period. More than caffeine, your body needs oxygen (though feel free to enjoy both).

4. You’ll sleep better at night. Morning exercisers sleep better at night, research shows. Exercise too close to bedtime, and you may have trouble winding down.

5. You’ll set the tone for your day. That is, if you start by making your body strong and fit, you can feel more confident all day long. You’re also more likely to make better food choices after the extra effort you put in.

So set your alarm 30 minutes earlier this week and get moving!  I promise that you’ll feel great by the end of the week.


Stay well and smile,